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In 1996, Neal and Jera Foster founded North Star Printing with a focus on three mission critical areas: superior quality, superior technology and a focus on superior customer service. Their belief was by doing so, they would form partnerships, not just vendor relationships, and ultimately become a trusted advisor.

From those founding principles has emerged the North Star Printing of today; your service partner providing commercial printing, packaging, fulfillment, online partner stores and other services too numerous to mention. “Partnerships are built on win/win solutions. Thinking outside the box guides our initiatives in areas such as business development, product innovation and equipment investment”, according to Mr. Foster. “It is mission critical that we are nimble in evolving our offering to meet the emerging needs of our customers”.

This customer centric focus has allowed the company to thrive the past two decades. Whether you are printing product brochures, product catalogs, product packaging, newsletters, magazines or are an organization with multiple locations who require a one source centralized print and fulfillment solution, North Star Printing can scale to meet your business objectives.

Superior quality, superior technology and superior customer service are not simply ideas that helped launch the company; they are the principles that continue to guide our ever expanding organization. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


"Our mission is to partner with our customers in understanding their objectives, allowing us to deliver the finest quality commercial printing and packaging on time and on budget.

We will build mutually beneficial partnerships by focusing on honesty, reliability, professionalism and the highest ethical business practices.

We will add value by leveraging our decades of knowledge and experience to enhance our customers ROI on each project, and by doing so make the buying process easy and with a minimal amount of customer effort.

We value the partnerships we develop, and are committed to identifying the best print solution for our customers needs, delivered on time, on budget with superior quality. "

North Star News


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